Two Methods to Change Your Password

There are two methods to change your user password:

The first will only work if your computer is connected to our Agency Domain. The way you can tell is to look at your log-in screen.  If your user name is either FRA\UserName or, then you are connected to our Domain and can use the first method.

First Method:

After you have logged into the computer, Press the three keys: [Alt], [Ctrl] & [Del] at the same time.

Alt, Ctrl & Del

A screen will pop up. Select “Change a password…” and follow the instructions.

Second Method:

View this short video for instructions on the Web Based Method to Change Your Password


The Basics of Using an iPad

Below is a pretty good YouTube video that goes over the basic features of the iPad. It demonstrates using the latest version of IOS (IOS7) which is the version on all of our iPads. The video is 30 minutes long, but you do not have to watch it all at once.


How do I set my Default Browser?

If you have more than one Internet Browser installed on your computer, you can change which one is the default by doing the following:
– Open Control Panel
– Click on “Default Programs”
– Click on “Set your default programs”
– Highlight the Browser you would like to be default (e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox)
– Click “Set this program as default”