Family Advocate 

The Family Resource Agency takes a holistic approach to serve families, children, and adults in ways that improve their quality of life and enable them to be more self-sufficient, productive members of the community. The Family Advocate is a family’s first point of contact within Family Resource Agency. After completing an application for the Head Start program, the family will first be contacted by a Family Advocate. Once a family has completed the eligibility process and the child is enrolled, the Family Advocate acts as a connection between the educational services provided to the children and the community services provided to the entire family. A Family Advocate monitors attendance, maintains frequent contact with families to evaluate personal needs of the family, and provides information to parents regarding medical/educational assessments of enrolled children. The Family Advocate aims to encourage the parents to first and foremost be an advocate for their child and then themselves. This is done by providing a variety of services that help families become self-sufficient. 

Our Family Services Staff are here to help you

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